We offer Bio-tech Catalytic Solution to upcycle your products

A commitment to green future and sustainability

Professional team of specialists

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clients, ranging from pyrolysis oil producers to pest control industries.

Nano-catalytic desulfurization

Offer Nano-catalytic desulfurization chemical solution for upcycling tire/plastic/wasted oil pyrolysis oil

Bio-tech custom solution

Offer cutting edge custom solution according to our clients need.

ESG Report

Provide methods and recommendations to improve carbon footprint and create high quality carbon credits.

Rodent control solution

Provide animal welfare + animal behaviour + Bio-tech methods to tackle the rodent infestations.

Our Projects

We are open to any green business collaboration

Upcycle pyrolysis oil

  • Increase the market value of your oil
  • High-end catalyst
  • Greener and more sustainable

Chemical engineered wasted tires

  • Increased the oil conversion
  • Cheap feedstocks from Hong Kong
  • Reduced the sulfur content

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